How you can support Foundations

Please consider making a donation to Foundations.

Foundations is one of few agencies to offer counseling to individuals and families who do not have insurance, or are underinsured. Your donation allows us to offer these clients a sliding fee. In addition, Foundations accepts Medical Assistance, Badgercare, Medicaid and Medicare. Although we accept these state-sponsored insurances, their coverage does not cover the costs to the agency. Your donation allows us to keep saying “yes” to individuals with this coverage.

Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

How to Donate

By mail: Print this form, and mail to 1061 W. Mason Street, Green Bay, WI 54303.



Wish List Items

Please consider showing your support with an item donation for one of our many services.
Items can be brought directly to our agency at 1061 W. Mason Street, Green Bay, WI 54303.


Outpatient Counseling Therapy

  • LEGO’S – for our child therapists
  • “Trinket” toys – for child therapists’ treasure chest
  • Bean Bag chair

Resident Training Program (for their work with homeless individuals)

  • City bus passes
  • Incentive items:
    • deodorant
    • travel size body spray
    • travel size sunscreen
    • socks
    • bus tokens

Foster Care

  • $10 – $25 gift cards to restaurants or stores (for foster youth and families)
  • Art work for walls
  • Portable basketball hoop
  • Outdoor equipment and games: orange cones, bases, basketballs, Frisbees, lawn golf, volleyballs, etc.
  • Wii games
  • Art and craft supplies

General Items

  • Art work for waiting room
  • Rolls of postage stamps
  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic utensils
  • Kleenex
  • Copy paper