Foster Care

The Foundations Foster Care Program has been a state-licensed child-placing Agency since 1999, providing intensive out-of-home placement for children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect or for children with delinquency issues. Our Therapists and Case Managers work in each Foster Home to provide consultation and support to the foster families, schools, and other community providers, ensuring that the children placed quickly achieve a level of stability within the foster home and community. We believe providing a stable place for kids will help them develop the skills to shape their own future. Our team philosophy of family support sets our agency apart from other treatment agencies, as each child is surrounded by a team of caring professionals.

We have two Foster Care offices:

Green Bay office:
inside our main agency building
1061 W. Mason Street
Green Bay, WI

(920) 617-6759

Milwaukee Office:
1305 N. Barker Road
Suite 5
Brookfield, WI 543045
(262) 788-5891

Foundations’ Foster Care provides the following services:

Community Resource Program

The goal of the Community Resource Program is to link foster youth with people, groups and programs in the communities where they live in order to increase their success upon discharge.

Additionally, the program focuses on increasing independent living skills for youth to prepare them for the challenges they face when leaving the foster care system at 18 years of age.

Independent Living
The Independent Living program provides direction to the entire team and clearly defines the skills and steps needed to move youth toward independence. Several areas are emphasized, these include:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Employment Skills
  • Education Skills
  • Housing Skills

Each summer we offer Camp KARE, which is a 9-week program that works to enhance the above mentioned independent living skills. Through an in depth life simulation, youth have an opportunity to learn and practice increasing skills in a safe and fun environment. This service is currently only available at our Green Bay location.

Transitional Living
An independent transitional living plan is created for each youth who will be exiting foster care. The plan is coordinated with the entire treatment team, Independent Living program and the treatment plan. The focus adapts to individual needs of each youth and is determined by their goals.

Youth who are aging out of foster care may often remain in the program on waiver, until they attain the age of 19 or graduate from high school. Our program offers some specific services to youth who turn 18 and “age-out” of foster care:

  • Starter kits – provides various items needed for youth to begin living on their own (ex. sheets, towels, pot & pans, etc.)
  • Micro-loans – available for youth on a case-by-case basis, designed to help them with their transition to adulthood and independent living. For example, loans could be given for an apartment down payment, school tuition, transportation, etc.
Therapeutic Service

Our staff works with the child and foster family and approach treatment with the following concepts:

  • Respectful Interactions The entire team is involved with the youth in finding solutions.
  • Perseverance – We do what it takes to maintain stability, and problem solve for each child.
  • Consistency and Structure – A hallmark of our services, we consider it a base for healthy growth and change.
  • Teaching – Youth & Families – Our staff support the foster family to build a healthy foundation and home for each child. We assess the foster family’s needs and provide on-going support and skill-development opportunities. Youth learn through feedback, natural consequences and positive reinforcement.
  • Therapeutic Parenting – The treatment team works with the foster family and coaches them on therapeutic parenting techniques, and focuses on increasing these skills.
  • Individual/Group Therapy – Case managers and therapists provide therapy to foster children. A child may be referred to AFCS Outpatient Services for a specific therapy service such as; treatment of eating disorders, Autism spectrum disorder, Mood disorders, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as others.
  • Psychological Testing – Our “in house” Psychologist is able to provide comprehensive psychological assessments. Testing is provided for learning disabilities, behavioral problems, ADD & ADHD, depression, and more.
Training Program

Our foster care program has a state certified trainer on staff and provides ongoing training to foster parents. The training includes:

  • State mandated training for foster families
  • Wisconsin Pre-placement Training
  • Wisconsin Foundation Training – (foster parents must complete this before a child can be placed in their home)

Additional training includes access to resources on:

  • Child specific training
  • Need specific training
  • Trauma and trauma informed care
  • Ongoing training for foster families

NOTE: Every attempt is made to offer foster families cutting-edge training.

Mentoring Services

Our mentoring program matches responsible, caring adults who serve as positive role models with foster youth who can benefit from a one-on-one relationship. These relationships strengthen the youths’ ability to:

  • Increase social skills
  • Develop trusting relationships
  • Practice good communication skills
  • Enhance self-concept and image
  • Learn independent living skills

We have two types of mentors:

  • Volunteer mentors – Adults committed to spending time with, teaching and modeling positive behaviors with foster children.
  • Therapeutic mentors – Professionals who bring specific skills to the mentor relationship, and who may be included on the treatment team.
Case Management

One of the key components to the success of our foster care program is the support given to each child and foster family. For cases involving alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) issues, Foundations partners with Libertas. Case management at Foundations includes:

  • Weekly contact with foster parents
  • Treatment plans and progress reports
  • Crisis intervention with 24 hour access to foster care staff
  • Collaboration with schools and other parties
  • Coordination of service providers
  • Strength-based focus with individualized interventions
  • Team approach
Evaluation and Assessment

Two evaluation and assessment tools are used:

1) Comprehensive Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) Tool

2) Exceptional Rate Assessment Scale

All foster care staff are certified in administering the CANS Tool. Each assigned staff works with county workers to assess every child coming into the program. The CANS Tool must be completed within 30 days of placement into a foster home and each child is re-evaluated every six months.

Our program administers an Exceptional Rate Assessment that further defines each child’s exceptional needs and is used, in collaboration with referring counties, to establish a level of care, rate and treatment plan. Both assessment tools focus on the child and their individual needs and strengths.

Respite Care Services

Respite Services to Families
Respite services give foster families an often-needed break from caring for a foster child. This important service helps to keep foster children in their current placements. All children served in respite care are placed with one of our qualified respite providers.

The standard care provided to each foster family is up to two weekends per month for Levels 3 and 4 youth. In case of family emergencies, our staff works to ensure treatment will continue uninterrupted.

Contracted Respite Care Services
Our program can also provide contracted respite care services to other counties or other agencies, independent of our foster care program.

After Care Plans

Our program will work directly with counties to develop and implement an after care plan that is tailored to the individual needs of each child. After care plans may include any service deemed necessary to aid families and children in achieving successful outcomes.


A nine-week summer program for children in our Foster Care program, currently available only at our Green Bay office.

Learn more about our summer program.

Target Population:

Our Program takes in children from birth to 18 years old. Virtually all of these children experience traumatic events to varying degrees prior to coming into care, such as neglect, abandonment, abuse and violence. This trauma results in the severe behaviors that are brought into foster care. Children are placed in our program on either a protection or delinquency order.

Children in Foster Care have very intense needs, which make our work both challenging and rewarding. We see children make great strides in their healing, and most develop the ability to transition either back home to their family, or to Independent Living.

We have served youth from these counties:

Brown            Calumet         Dodge       Door       Fond du Lac       Iowa       Jefferson       Kewaunee       Marathon       Marinette   Milwaukee    Oconto       Outagamie       Pierce     Sauk       Sheboygan    Waukesha      Waushara       Wood

We also serve:   Menominee Tribe       Oneida Tribe

Our foster homes are located in:
  • Green Bay
  • De Pere
  • Shawano
  • Bonduel
  • Lena
  • Tigerton
  • Weston
  • Schofield
  • Milwaukee
  • Racine
  • Waukesha
  • Washington
The Foster Care team is comprised of:
  • Foster Parents
  • Case Manager
  • Therapist
  • Program Manager
  • Director
  • Mentors/Interns
  • Camp Kare Staff

Please contact us with inquiries about our Foster Program, becoming a Foster Parent or Respite Provider, or to make a referral. Please call (920) 617-6759.