Our History in Mental Health and Foster Care Treatment

Foundations began in 1965 with a vision by George Kress and Norman Vincent Peale to create greater access to mental health care treatment. First known as American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, the agency changed its name to American Foundation of Counseling Services, Inc. in 1987. As of June 2017, the agency changed its name once more to Foundations, better reflecting the various services available through the agency.

George and Norman envisioned a mental health clinic that would operate under three guiding principles:

  • Provide the highest quality care.
  • Integrate the mind, body and spirit into treatment.
  • Make services available to everyone.

More than 50 years later those same principles still guide us. Community needs change drastically over time, and Foundations evolves to meet these needs. Today, Foundations is guided by its mission to promote health and wholeness by providing services with a focus on community mental health counseling, foster care services and education.

Mental Health treatment timeline