About our Agency

Foundations, formerly known as American Foundation of Counseling Services, Inc., was founded in 1965 by George Kress of Green Bay Packaging and Norman Vincent Peale. The agency’s original goal was to providing training, counseling and education to clergy and congregations in Northeast Wisconsin. Today, Foundations provides services with a focus on integrating mind, body and spirit into all of its work.

The agency’s name change and upcoming move to a large, newly renovated building, exemplify the changes made to keep up with our ever-changing community. By changing its name to Foundations, the agency retains its history while creating a more recognizable, efficient identity. While the agency’s services still include counseling, a new name better represents the varied services now offered.

The move to a new building allows all programs to operate in one location. It also enables the agency to grow and serve a larger population in need of its services. The location of our new building offers more convenient parking for our clients, is handicap accessible and is located on a main bus line. Come visit us in our new building at 1061 W. Mason Street in Green Bay.

Specific services include:

Counseling Services

Quality mental health counseling and community educational services. Our focus is in seeking solutions which integrate emotional, physical and spiritual strengths. Foundations commits to providing quality services to all clients, including those who are uninsured or under-insured. Our agency is one of only a few providers in the community who accept Medicare, Wisconsin Medicaid and offers payment assistance.

Ethics in Business Awards

Foundations believes recognizing healthy work environments is one of the best ways to promote emotional well-being and mental health. We recognize how unhealthy work environments negatively impact individuals and their relationships – as spouses, parents and community members. The Ethics in Business Awards helps promote ethical businesses in Northeast Wisconsin.

Foster Care Program

Serves children in care in Northeast Wisconsin in need of intensive care and nurturing away from their home. In addition to foster care, the agency offers an in-depth Independent Living Skills programming, ensuring children are prepared when they turn 18 and leave foster care. With two offices–one in Green Bay and one in the Milwaukee area–the agency strives to improve the lives of children through many Wisconsin counties.

Resident Training Program

A collaboration between Foundations and several partner agencies. The program brings mental health care professionals on-site to local homeless shelters. Professionals-in-training provide counseling, assessment and medication management to persons in shelters, while meeting requirements for certification.

Foundations promotes optimal health by providing counseling, foster care, education and relationship building services in Northeast Wisconsin.